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how it works

Veterans’ Institute for Entrepreneurship (VIE) is unlike any other entrepreneurial program.

It is not a cookie-cutter, self-paced training course offering “independent learning” in a vacuum. Instead, you learn through an immersive, in-depth, face-to-face, hands-on developmental experience patterned after military “sandbox” techniques. You will be engaged in a learn-by-doing exercise for an interactive and dynamic approach to instruction that easily translates into a real-world business application.

Participants experience active classroom instruction, independent study, weekly field trips, guest presentations, skill-building exercises, and enhanced learning as a part of a series of diversified training modules.

Following the 15-week intensive, participants will be guided through a 10-week incubator program culminating in a presentation to potential investors. You will be challenged to conduct self-assessments related to leadership and management; public speaking and presentation skills; cultural language development; strategic planning; and a go-to-market strategy based on the Strategic Cultural Agility Narrative – SCAN™ developed by Wakeen & Company.

Our goal is for you to succeed, therefore each certified vetrepreneur is assigned a professional business coach and mentor for 5 years. Mentors will help you navigate both business and personal challenges. (Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a mentor.)

Academic Partners

VIE Certification is offered through a partnership with a number of continuing and higher education institutions. Individuals interested in registering should visit the following sites to learn more and to register.
Fox School of Business

Temple University, Harrisburg