Inspiring, Training and Equipping Veterans

Liberating our economy through vetrepeneurship

Sandbox Industries is a non-profit enterprise created to inspire, train and equip veterans through an immersive certificate program uniquely tailored for those transitioning from active duty, active reservists or individuals who have retired from military service. It is also available to families of armed services personnel.

We are currently looking for program participants, mentors and supporters of this visionary mission.

If you are considering starting a company, obtaining a franchise or taking over a family business, the Veterans’ Institute for Entrepreneurs (VIE) will prepare you to succeed. Just like a military experience, VIE is intended to help participants form lifelong connections with mentors and other vetrepreneurs, so that you are never alone in your journey to help liberate our economy.


Get to know our founders


Sherri B. Chippo, Ph.D.

Dr. Chippo is currently an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Her life experience includes “intrapreneurship” in higher education, government, and non-profit management. Her knowledge areas include leadership, strategic planning, program evaluation, and team building. Dr. Chippo is a Marine Corps veteran is actively involved in a variety of veterans programs. 


William Habacivch

William “Bill” Habacivch, is passionate about retooling, repurposing, and redirecting veterans to accomplish new post-military missions. by training them to create self-employment opportunities. Bill is a professor of economics, serial entrepreneur, and a Marine Corps veteran.

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